The Macmillans Cycling Community

We at the Winchester Pedal Paddle Pace (PPP) want to start a new initiative that brings together the Macmillans community, wherever you might live or work.

Myself, Chris Dawson and my son Graham Dawson have been involved with the Winchester PPP from its very inception, (back in 2004). We have now developed a means to help you all train not only for this event but for other Macmillan challenges through the year.

The basic principle is that either Graham or myself will lead training rides at specific times on training turbos linked into your computer, so that you can all connect remotely from your house, gym or office to the ride that is happening that day.

Initially, over the first few weeks, they will be simple rides at a specific time, everybody cycling at their own pace. We are hoping though, that as the community grows and gets more experienced, each individual can establish their own FTP (Functional Threshold Power). Once that is established we can then run sessions directed at the different levels of Power to Weight ratios. This basically means the more powerful go faster and the less powerful go slower.

The initial objective is to help participants to train and get fit for the this year's Winchester PPP on Sunday July 8th. After that there are any number of ways we can continue fundraising for Macmillans by creating fun "virtual" events.

There will be an initial cost to set yourselves up with a training turbo and purchase a membership to the training software, ZWIFT. Once you are set up though, then there is no more cost involved.

We will keep you all posted on progress and when the first session is scheduled.

We hope you will be interested and look forward to meeting you all in our virtual cycling world.

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