New Milton Peddle Car Grand Prix 2015

Today was the day I got to try my hand at a peddle car Grand Prix! 

I literally had no idea what to expect, what the rules where and how I would fare in such an obscure sport! 

I’ve seen a few Red Bull events on the Internet, but that still didn’t prepare me for the crazyness that was about to commence! It was true British excentricness at its very best! 

I had been invited by Wave 105 to be part of their team as they had a car and wanted to really push for glory this year! 

Despite the true British Summer weather of rain, rain and more rain, 45 cars and teams of between 5-10 people lined up the high street of New Milton and hid under their gazebos preparing the final touches to their cars! 

After the briefing we got 30 minutes to warm up. It should have been 45 but those that shan’t be named walked out in front of car 60 making it swerve, hitting a kerb and smashing itself to pieces! They rushed back to their pit stop to amend the damage ready for the off at 2pm. They succeeded and our plan was foiled to rid the race of one more car!!! 

The race starts off in a frantic fashion with all 45 cars lined up in a grid style aka F1. Once the horn goes everyone shoots off as fast as they can trying to get a good position into a very tight corner 1! We then have 2 hours to do as many lapse as possible. 

We started well but the positioning takes some getting used to and my legs really felt the burn early on as I was using different muscles than on a normal bike, plus no warm up into a frantic 25mph wet course is quite hard on the muscles! 

The bike also had spring loaded gears meaning you had to push the gears and hold it in a position to have the correct one. If you pushed too hard you got too easy a gear and too soft put you in a very hard gear! This took some getting used to in and around the corners. You also basically geared with your left hand and steered and braked with your right. 
Not as easy as it sounds when the braking was done on a left and right basis instead of front and back. As all the turns were right handed and I was braking with the left brake, you can imagine what kind of skids we were doing! They looked a little like this: 

I managed this manouvre twice, both in front of the policeman I may add!!! Fate?!

Anyway, what an amazing experience. There was no pretentiousness or anything about it. Just lots of enthusiasts looking for a great time! Unfortunately our steering snapped on my last lap so I ploughed into some bollards and we DNF’d but I will definitely be back next year, perhaps with my own car!!! 

If you wish to help us raise money for charity you can donate by text to 70070 : wave101 is £1, wave102 is £2, wave105 £5.

All the money raised will stay local and benefit children. 

One of the local charities we’ve helped recently is Honeypot, which offers residential weekends to young carers and gives them the chance to be normal kids with others in their situation.

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